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See the latest updates and some artwork!


(UPDATE 1) Join the Mario VS Sonic Collab!

2017-05-14 11:48:27 by SirLenward



Hello Everyone!

We have almost 10 people who are participating in this collab, which is fantastic!

Everyone is still more than welcome to join in!




Extra Rule

1. While emailing me the video file, also email me your Newgrounds or Youtube name. Gotta credit you guys :P




If you wanna see updates in the near future, follow me on Twitter!




Mario VS Sonic Collab Announcement!

2017-04-30 10:44:31 by SirLenward

Yeah I'm dead fucking serious, introducing the Mario VS Sonic Collab!

Unless you're an 11 year old kid, know one is gonna take this seriously. Yep it's a shitpost collab, well sort of

This can be an animation or a live action skit, as long as it involves mario and sonic


1. Make a shitty animation or skit about Mario and Sonic doing something, preferably fighting each other. Hell, you can make them fuck, I don't care.

2. no sprites, sorry...

3. The animation or skit should be targeted around 45 seconds or less. It could also be around 10 seconds long if you wish.

4. The size of the project has to be 1920x by 1080x. (no watermark)

5. The final project has to be exported in a  .mp4 file or a .mov file, it doesn't matter.

6. (SONY VEGAS USERS) Export the video WITHOUT "Smart Resample" enabled. Disable that shit, it looks sloppy AF

7. When you finish your final project, send the .mp4 or .mov file to me at lenbusinessagrusti@gmail.com

8. MOST IMPORTANT RULE: put some effort into it. What I mean is, if someone is gonna make an animation of a JPEG Mario and a JPEG Sonic fighting with ear rape and flashing lights. That's not gonna cut it, spend more than an hour making this. Come up with something cool!

9. NOT EVERY ENTRY WILL BE IN THE COLLAB. if your concerned about your short, feel free to email me the script or storyboard before you start animating or start filming.

10. The Deadline is June 22nd, but if you're participating in this collab and you need a week or 2 to finish up your animation or skit, I'm cool with that. Just don't start making the damn thing the day it's due.

Extra Rule: While emailing me the video file, also email me your Newgrounds or Youtube name. Gotta credit you guys :P

And there you go HAVE FUN GUYS!!!!! (Spread the word if you could!)

Now I don't except any of you to make some high quality anime style fights here. I mean you could, but this is mostly just to parody all the mario vs sonic videos we constantly see on youtube and newgrounds.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at lenbusinessagrusti@gmail.com or PM me on Newgrounds

Father Falco 2 TEASER!

2017-04-01 09:18:15 by SirLenward

Yep! it's actually happening


Slim Sacrum Behind The Scenes/Streaming

2017-02-15 21:06:40 by SirLenward

I've been streaming quite a lot on twitch recently, come and stop by :3


Here are some Slim Sacrum ideas





New Cartoon Coming Soon

2015-12-17 21:33:31 by SirLenward

I hope I can finish this before Christmas. Damn Lombardis....