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Hey guys!


-Just wanna make a few updates of what’s going with future projects I’m working on.


-First off, The Rawest Forest Collab. Once again there’s still scenes left for grabs if anyone wants to join in. 26 Scenes in fact. We’re slowly getting closer and closer to getting this reanimated collab finished. There’s no deadline for getting your scenes done at the moment. Once all the scenes are taken, I’ll announce a deadline. Follow the rawest forest collab twitter page for some updates. https://twitter.com/RFReanimated


-Secondly, Voice Actors. I need a little help for a future cartoon I’m working on. I’m looking for some voice actors that can voice a couple of these characters that’re on top of the page. I would do the voices for all these characters, but for this particular cartoon, I want the voices to be more laid back and not so wacky and cartoony, preferably, your regular talking voice, lol. Hit me up, if you’re interested, whether it’s an email at Lenbusinessagrusti@gmail.com or DM me on Newgrounds. It’ll be very helpful if you have a demo reel, or some samples of your work.


-Thirdly, Music. This time around, I wanna try putting in original music in this future cartoon, mainly for the opening and the credits. Both of them being approximately 10 to 15 seconds each. I’m not looking for a 3 minute long song, just some little tune to start up the toon. Same with the voice acting. Hit me up if you’re interested.


- I’ll message more details like the script and how I want the songs to be, once I approve your demo reel or samples of your work. I don’t wanna give too much away but just be warned that the script is a little naughty, so don’t expect it to be some family friendly youtube shit. Expect saying the word “Dick” a lot.


Ok! That’s about it, hope I can hear some of you guys pretty soon!




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